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SFO Pics are up on Photobucket

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San Francisco – Day Three and Four

The last two days have really just been recovery. Yesterday we went to the Museum of Modern Art and looked at all the exhibits. There were some really neat ones dealing using modern technology (like TV’s) to create art. There were also some early pieces using photography. I really liked the ones dealing with motion and […]

San Francisco – Day Two

Today started out pretty normal. Sleep till about 8am (local time), shower, brush teeth, put clean clothes on, meet Griffin in the lounge for breakfast. From there we decided we were going to hit up Coit Tower via Chinatown, and then head to the Wharf to see the airshow. So we walked and walked and […]

San Francisco – Day One

San Francisco – Friday So we got in last night at about 1AM local time, which felt like 4AM to our bodies.   At first we couldn’t find each other in the airport, since we’d come in using different airlines, and those airlines used different terminals. I just have to add this in.. how is […]


So, today I signed the lease, gave the realator a metric ass ton of money, did a quick walk-through, and got as much stuff turned on as possible at my new house. Very exciting! Starting next week after i get back from San Francisco i’ll start moving in. Probably with small stuff at first and […]

San Francisco!

So, on a whim, I decided to go with an old friend to San Francisco next month. Yeah, not much thought went into this decision, and hopefully i’ll be able to take the time off (I don’t see why i wouldn’t be able to). IT’S SAN FRAN-FUCKING-CISCO!! I’ll take pictures, and go to cool places, […]