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Sushi Shift is out of Beta!

I know it’s been a long time since i’ve posted here, and to be honest, i sort of forgot i had this blog. We’ve recently gotten our game out of beta and we’ve been trying to get the word out. We’ve submitted the app to blogs and review sites, but nothing seems to be helping […]

The Gatekeepers

As you all know (or i hope you do), a few friends of mine have come together to join forces in the epic battle against bad video games. We’ve formed So!Soft LLC (So-Not-Soft), an independant game studio and have been working with the XNA framework to make games. Actually, lets rephrase that. So far Zach’s […]

Code Monkey

So, as i sit here staring at lines of PHP, I take a glance to my left and what do I see? My boss falling asleep at the keyboard! Oh, maybe he had a late night last night? Maybe he’s just tired this morning? But this isn’t a new thing, it’s been daily for the […]

First Weekend

Just finished my first whole weekend at the new place. It’s starting to really feel like home the more i use things and put things in their proper place (like clothes in my dresser instead of in the hamper). Friday night was Halloween. Zach made me a zombie, his makeup job was awesome! I’ve posted […]

So Not Soft Store is open for business!

Our store is now open for business! We finally got our paperwork yesterday making our LLC official! We also got our EIN (aka Federal Tax Identification Number), which means that we can start taking money from victims.. i mean, customers. *yawn* require caffeine