i think i’m done here (imported from LJ)

so after, well.. a long time, i’m going to stop using LJ. I’ll stop posting here at least. Don’t worry, i’ll still read all your blogs and leave you my three and a half cents. I’ve just moved on. Mainly, dancolomb.com. I went ahead and bought the domain name and set up a blog for myself. It’s a nice feeling knowing that i have full control over everything. Things seem to be changing in life. I can’t seem to put my finger on it, but i feel different. Maybe it’s the regular exercise, maybe it’s that work is finally calming down, maybe it’s the fact that i’m actually looking at places to move out into. maybe it’s all of those combined.

anyway, i should be a bit more active on my new blog, since i’ll be able to access it from work (hopefully) more regularly than LJ (it gets blocked when bandwidth becomes limited).

Feel free to drop by and register, so you can leave me nice comments đŸ˜€

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