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So, I’m very close to the completion of the rss_reader plugin for e107. The plan is to upload it to the e107 plugins site and then have a mirror on This will probably be the first project hosted on So!Soft, which is very exciting!!

So, here’s what the plug in does now.
When installed it adds a table to the e107 database which will store the rss feeds that the web admin wants to store/display.
Then in the admin menu, the admin can add, edit, and delete feeds. Also, the admin can set feeds as active, meaning they won’t show up in the menu list for the user.
The actual page has a drop down where the user can choose a feed and then it will be loaded dynamically (through the awesome nature of AJAX).

What still needs to be done:
A side bar menu for the feed, and an admin page to go with it. This will let the admin put an rss feed on one of the side menu areas.

So, it’s close, but still needs some work! More to come 🙂

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  1. I have no idea what you are talking about, but I wanted to post a comment. I.m alive after my journey of doom through West Virginia. Are you never going to come over to my house when I.m home?

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