Oracle.. why? just why?

So today we had to install the oracle client on a few machines at work. Man, what a pain that was. It took almost an hour to get the thing setup. I don’t understand why it should take that long to install a client that lets you connect to another database type. I’ve used mySQL a lot in the past, and i’ve never had to wait that long to be able to have a program use it to connect. Other gripes i have about Oracle, is that when you go to their website to download a newer version of their client, there are half a dozen choices. I feel that’s way too many. mySQL for example only has a handful of choices, but, with each download link it explains what that particular client is for. With oracle, it’s not like that. It’s just called Client or I understand it probably has something to do with different server versions, but still, why not have a client that can work with multiple versions of your database server? Are they really that different?

I think i’m done ranting for a bit. Hopefully tonight I’ll get some work done on our next project.


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