it’s been a while.. I KNOW!

I know I haven’t really been blogging much lately. I’m not really sure why.. probably just a bit too lazy.

I’ve mainly been working, hanging out with Michelle, playing video games, and trying to make sure the plants in the yard don’t die. Except for that last one, everything is going well πŸ™‚

Work has been the same as usual, we’ve been put on a new project that’s supposed to take priority over everything, and then they promptly start giving us other requests that are supposed to be the new priority over the previous top priority. It’s a wonder we ever get anything done around here.

Michelle and I have been officially a couple for about a week now. It’s kinda weird having a girlfriend. I like hanging out with her, but at the same time it’s hard to do that when i still want to follow my old habits (ie: play video games and browse the interwebs). I’ve also liked my solitude, I like having my alone time. But the times that we do spend together, i do enjoy — a great deal.

I’ve been taking a break from Eve. Well, kinda. It’s a combination of being bored sitting in station camped, and being distracted by the previous paragraph πŸ˜› I played for a bit on Saturday and on Sunday. We did some ice mining and tried to kill some reds that wanted some pewpew.

*le sigh* The yard has taken a beating this weekend. Everything was going fine until yesterday and the torrential downpour. I had transplanted all the plants from their planters into the yard, so you know, they can grow into huge fruit bearing plants and give me food! Well, after yesterday, they’re all drowned and only a few are still alive. After everything dries up, I’ll have to put some irrigation in there, the clay dirt doesn’t like to absorb water very well..

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