Family Reunion

So we had our family reunion this weekend. People started showing up on friday, and started leaving about… 2 hrs ago. It was really good to see everyone again, even though i didn’t recognize some of the people since the last time i saw them (Yes, you Johnny!). We also got to meet recent additions to the family like Cousin Michael’s wife, Rikki. So all in all there were 10 of us. Some people couldn’t make it due to starting new jobs or having other issues, but 10 is good, i guess. More is always better though πŸ˜›

Saturday we took a trip to Bardstown to the Heaven Hill Distillery. My goodness, I didn’t realize that they bottled for so many different companies! Elijah Craig, Evan Williams, Fighting Cock, of course Heavenhill, and others. We got a quick history of how bourbon was accidentally discovered and why you can only make bourbon in Kentucky with certain ingredients. We did some taste testing of some different bourbons and then went on a tour of one of the warehouses. Every time the guide would talk about the ricks i would think, “I bet this is where the term Rick rolled initially came from” πŸ˜€ (refer here)Β  Once the tour was over we hit the gift shop and I bought myself a bottle of Elijah Craig 18 year old Bourbon. I really don’t think i’ll open that any time soon, mainly since i’m not a big bourbon drinker. Plus.. it’s a bit on the expensive side. Nothing near the 500 dollar bottles of 27 year old bourbon they had for sale though! After we got back to the house Nick started to cook. He made two pasta dishes, bruschetta, and cucumber salad. We ate outside and it made the whole atmosphere so much better! Man was it delicious!!

Today (Sunday), we took things a bit slower. I came over around 2 and we hung out a bit, went to the lake, came back and played cornhole (or bean-bag toss for some of you) for hours, while dad was grilling up the pork tenderloin, chicken, and steaks. Mom and Granny made their mouthwatering potato salad and cornbread salad (respectively).

Man i’m so tired right now.. waiting for some laundry to get done and then head back home.. I just want to crash already πŸ˜›

Pictures will be posted as soon as they’re made available for me!

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  1. oh… wow… Well, guess what?! πŸ™‚ YOUR LITTLE BROTHER GOT A JOOBB!!! πŸ˜€ I’m an intern at a brokerage firm down by Bowling Green πŸ™‚

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