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Last night I went to see The National play in Louisville. The show was great! What really impressed me the most was their special guest, Owen Pallett. What he can do with a violin, and a mixer is pretty awesome. After his show, I went and got two of his albums. I’ve been listening to them since then! I should be uploading pictures soon.

Things I’ve been collecting over the last week. Posts that I thought were pretty interesting — to me anyway.

Building the Wall
I remember going to the Vietnam Memorial while we lived in Maryland — about 15 years ago. I don’t think it really meant anything to me, I just thought it was cool to see so many names on a shiny black wall. I think if I were to go now it would mean a whole lot more — after having served in the military.

4chan takes on the MPAA
So after hiring a company to DDoS bittorrent trackers who wouldn’t comply with their requests to take down certain material, 4chan had planned to DDoS the hired company. Well it seems that someone beat them to the punch. So what do the hordes of Anon at do? Go after the MPAA itself! It only took 8 minutes for them to take the site down. It made me lul.

From single-core to quad-core in less than a year
Multi-core phones would be amazing! That, coupled with the concept phone by Mozilla (linked below), would probably be enough for most people — who just surf the web, check email, and play Farmville.

Nifty Artwork
I think the fact that I’ve been watching Mad Men like a.. well.. mad man lately attracted me to this page. I want a suit like Don Draper.

Obama talks about taxes and strengthening the economy
While i don’t agree with everything this administration is doing / has done, I do think that taxing people more evenly would make things simpler and help bridge gaps between social groups. I’d like to see a day when we all pay the same amount in taxes, instead of this confusing system of earned and unearned income, capital earnings, donations to charities, etc. How about we all just pay 15 or 20 percent of our income? I think that would make things much easier, not just in terms of administrating and collecting, but also planning for what you’ve got to pay. But of course, a simple idea like this would probably just get screwed up by the government. It’s sad we can’t trust them to do something simple.

Paul Lekakis – Boom Boom
I lol’d at this, thanks Katie.

Wind Power!
Let’s see who else will pony up the big bucks and commit to something of this size? Or would there be more protests that a wind farm 20 miles off shore would disrupt the scenery?

Old People know stuff, kinda
I watched this video of Walter Breuning talking about his life, and what advice he has for the current generation. You’ll have to watch what he says though, some things are exaggerated a little. It’s still really neat to hear first hand accounts of times so long ago from someone who actually lived them!

Community Wi-Fi?
While the speeds are slow compared to N, the range is so much better. I could see community Wi-Fi or Municipal WiFi using this technology.

Phone of the future!?
How great would it be if your phone became the end-all-be-all tool you’d use? Instead of having to have a laptop, a phone, a projector, a watch, and a list of other gadgets, you could have one piece of technology to take many of those items and consolidate them into one. The big thing that really appeals to me is being able to carry your information in “physical” form around with you, instead of having to rely on some sort of “cloud” storage. With newer phones now also being multi-core, a phone like the Seabird would have more than enough power to handle web browsing, email, watching online videos, along with most office type applications.

Full Moon Beer
This sounds interesting. Being a lover of beer, I would definitely try it at least once.

I love fall weather
I think it’s the colors and lower temperatures. I can’t wait to get a motorcycle (something like this or this) and be able to ride around in this weather.

oh.. and this:

and this:

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