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Over the last few weeks i’ve been collecting links i think are neat or interesting or adorable or funny. So some of these links aren’t even current events (in Internet terms, when yesterday’s news is already old news and no one cares anymore), but I’d still like to share them. I think here in the future i’ll be posting some more stuff with actual content. Things have been kinda blah lately. I think we might go shoosting this weekend, I’ll be sure to take pictures if we do.

Benoît Mandelbrot Has Passed Away
Honestly I don’t know much about Mandelbrot sets or Fractal geometry, but i do recognize that Mandelbrot was a genius. Enough so that he even has songs written about him (Mandelbrot Set).

Angry NES’s version of Cee Lo’s “F*ck You”

I like this song.

MySQL Fanboy’s GIS Articles
Not everyone is into GIS, but i think it could have some really neat applications in mobile development.

Raytheon XOS2 — Pretty cool
I think before long we’re going to have real life bipedal weapons platforms. Gundams and Evas and Dragonauts! 😛

Perceived Wealth Distribution and Reality
I found this interesting. It seems that people think the income gap is a lot smaller than it actually is..

Americans don’t know much about religion
This i found amusing, mainly because I know so many people who think themselves quite religious, but then when you want to have actual discussion or debate about theological issues they can’t seem to defend their positions.

Arduino UNO FAQ on LadyAda.net
For those of you who use Arduinos and are interested in how the new UNO’s differ from the older series. Take a look here.

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  1. For your “Americans don’t know much about religion” piece, the link points to the “Perceived wealth distribution and reality” article.

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