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Hi. It’s been a while. This is pretty much par for the course though. I just wanted to make an update since I’ve spent pretty much all day moving this blog from my old hosting company to a local WordPress install in my homelab. No point in paying for hosting something that I barely update or do anything with. As such, don’t be surprised if there are some broken links, or missing pages. I’m attempting to grab everything from the old host but, due to one thing or the other, it’s difficult to discern what’s actually needed and what’s just junk.

While working on this migration I was able to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about posts of the past, as well as get inspired to make a post or two about some topics that were covered in the past (looking at you auto-tweet-when-the-internet-goes-down script).

So, check back from time to time and maybe you’ll see something new!

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I'm a technophile at heart. I love tech and how it can make our lives better. Let's take a little trip into my mind :P

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