So i got my EeePC yesterday. I have to say that it’s pretty awesome! The OS that it comes with is pretty limited (I have the linux one, it was cheaper ;)). I’m not sure if the windows one is the same or not. But i plan on replacing the stock Operating System with something a bit more traditional. I’m thinking Ubuntu, since i’ve read reviews that it seems to run pretty well. Plus it will do more of what i want to do, which is download and install whatever i want to 😛

Next step for it is sticker alley! I’ve got a few planned for it already, mainly Hak5 ones i got a little while ago. I’ve been thinking about painting it too, but i’m not too secure in my abilities not to jack something up.

It’s friday. I’m at work and my break is almost over 🙁

Why can’t it be 4pm yet?

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