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So, for a while i’ve been working on this portal/news site for my workplace. there’s already one that kind of exists, but it’s halfway unmaintained and the design isn’t that great. On a whim i got a copy of e107 installed on our local apache server and started configuring and adding content to the system. Well, yesterday it was launched. It seems to be handling itself well, people log in every morning (i guess to read news and stuff). I’d just wish they’d take advantage of some of the other services there are, like the forums and private messaging. Maybe people are really just too busy to use it? or maybe they really don’t care? i dunno.

I think it looks great, i wish i could show it to you all, but it’s behind all the firewalls here (pretty much cut off from the rest of the internet world). There are links to training information, corporate policy and benefits, news, moderated and unmoderated forums.. all sorts of things. Oh well, maybe it will just take them a few days to really discover everything.

welp. my queries are done running, time to start making my weekly reports.

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