work picnic

tomorrow is the work picnic. i’m not sure if i’ll enjoy myself or not. i mean, i’m sure there will be stuff to do, but things don’t look too well on the horizon. there are forecasts saying it’ll rain, or that it’s going to be blistering hot. either way, things will be uncomfortable. well, i suppose i could try to enjoy myself, but without access to the interwebs i’ll actually have to socialize! OMG! 😛

we’ll see how it goes. i just have to remember to bring the drinks i promised i would.

i’ve also gotten enough peppers to give zach a bunch. man those things are tasty.

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  1. yeah, there are activities like volleyball and erm.. i can’t remember what else the email said.

    no alcohol allowed for our picnic, which sucks. but it is a public park after all, and on a military installation no less. I’ll find some way of entertaining myself, even if it’s sitting back and watching people make fools of themselves 😛

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