We use this news system at work, called e107. Basically it’s a website where company news can be posted to, users can access forums to give feedback and discuss certain things. It has downloads of most all company information (benefits, alert rosters, memos, etc). the thing that was missing, and i couldn’t find anywhere on the e107 plugins site, was an RSS Reader. For those of you who don’t know what an rss feed is, it’s a way for a website to syndicate its content. RSS == Really Simple Syndication. What i wanted to do was to allow our employees to hit the latest news from a list of news sites through our site. So, i wrote one.

What it looks like you can see here, at my Eve Corporation website. I also installed the plugin there. I’m still working on it at the moment, i’m adding in management pages so a site admin can edit and add the feeds that will be displayed. I think i’ll be able to finish that next week.

Once it’s complete i’ll add a download to this site, so anyone can use it.

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