Movie Night at Ryan’s

I went to Ryan’s place last night for Movie Night. Good times were had by all! Ryan cooked burritos for everyone, i brought some beverages, peppers from the garden, and limes (not sure why…).  We watched Enter the Dragon; awesome movie, even if some of the effects were a bit dated and the screaming just sounded cheesy.

Main Hallway
Main Hallway leading to the front door

So i finally remembered to take pictures to show everyone. The apartment is less than 1000 sq ft. But it looks huge once you’re inside.  There is actually only one bedroom, but then a room that should be a living room, which will be used as another bedroom, then a room that’s more like a foyer to the backyard, which is being used at the living room.  So it’s being rented as a 2 bedroom, one bath apartment. The backyard is pretty big, but i didn’t get any pictures of it before it got dark outside. From the front door, you can see all the way into the kitchen. Immediately to the left is the first bedroom which one of Ryan’s friends should be moving into soon. The room’s door is a huge wooden sliding door, which has been deemed the apartment’s weak spot against zombie defense, as the front window is a huge single pane window with a stained-glass arc on top, and the sliding door isn’t easily locked.  After that the hallway kind of opens up into a middle space which has entrances to Ryan’s bedroom, the living room and the kitchen. Ryan’s room is pretty big with a huge walk-in closet (which happens to have it’s very own window). The room is 7 sided and the light switch doesn’t turn any lights on, but instead just operates the power to one power outlet. Next to Ryan’s bedroom there’s the living room, which is the only carpeted room in the place. Everything else is original hardwood floor. What i really like a lot about this place is how the ceiling is so high. Compared to the other rooms, the living room is actually pretty small (it not supposed to be a livingroom probably has something to do with that. )

Personally i think his huge television makes the room look a bit unbalanced, but you totally forget that when you’re watching a movie and it totally envelopes you and you’re pulled into whatever you’re watching. We’re going to have to have some sort of marathon there soon. Ryan’s been wanting to watch Martian Successor: Nadesico for a while, so once Sean gets it back to me, we can do that. Or Sean could just bring it over 😛

Josh getting pwned by Ryan at Soul Caliber IV
Josh getting pwned by Ryan at Soul Caliber IV

So anyway, back to the recap and tour.  Josh and I were the first to arrive. Introductions were made and soon we found ourselves playing Soul Caliber IV. Josh and I had never played, so we were promptly beaten into the ground by Ryan. Other than that it’s a pretty fun game. Soon after this Wames, one of Ryan’s old friends from Paducah came over and we all participated in getting our butts kicked by Ryan. After a little while it turned into us three just playing as Ryan got bored and started cooking up dinner.  We played for a little while longer, getting better but no where near what it would be to take on the master :D.

As Ryan hasn’t had cable hooked up yet, we had to find other entertainment after we got bored of SC IV. So we went to the kitchen to help out and make ourselves useful.  I cut up the peppers i’d brought from home and then proceeded to drink a beer. I’m pretty sure you can say that it’s mandatory. We all talked about nonsensical things made fun of each other for either not eating meat, or using fancy butters in our cooking.  What’s cool about the kitchen is the cabinetry. Apparently the place used to be a doctor’s office back in the day, so all the cabinets in the kitchen are apothecary cabinets. Call Dr. William Ross today for online consultation. Ryan said that the kitchen used to be an examination room, so all the cabinets used to hold medicines and tonics and all sorts of other turn of the century medical things. I wonder if they still used leeches back then? But for a kitchen it does a fine job.

Living Room
Living Room
moar livingroom
moar Living Room

So after we’d waited for people to show up we ate our burritos, which were heavenly. Sean showed up after he got off work. And boy, was Sean prepared! He brought his own chair, his own booze, and his own beverage! Anyway, we started watching Enter the Dragon. The move was better than i had thought it was going to be. I was expecting it to be a stereotypical English dubbed movie, but it was actually all in English! Not that i don’t like dubbed stuff, but it does bother me a bit when the lips don’t match to what is being said. I’d rather have subtitles than it being dubbed. We made a few remarks throughout the movie, making fun of it’s dated appearance, and ineptness of the enemy guards.

After the movie it was pretty late, sometime after midnight. Sean, Josh, and I stayed a while and talked about stuff. I may be heading up more often if Wames starts a new D&D or Shadowrun game. Neither Sean or I have ever played and we both showed interest in giving it a try. So we’ll see what happens.

I think this has been one of my longest posts ever 😛 But i did have fun, and I do really like Ryan’s apartment (i’m probably a bit jealous). For what he’s paying a month he gets a lot of space. Plus it’s only about a mile or so from campus, so he can ride his bike to class if he likes.

Kitchen Fun Times
Kitchen Fun Times
Watching Enter The Dragon
Watching Enter The Dragon

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  1. Those are some high ceilings and the former apothecary can inspire many ideas. I see I’m not the only one who has taken zombie proofing in account. Our place has a large window which is not good.

    Subtitles are way better than dubbing. I like hearing original voices.

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