And now for your reading pleasure… Eve-Online nerdiness.

So, we tried to take a system today. The results of which didn’t come out like we liked.

We started as two gangs, one in 0.0 already, one in empire. I was part of the 0.0 gang, sporting my myrmidon. We make our way through space to the system we needed to be in. The two gangs meet up and consolidate, we’re now a massive force of 40 ships. We close off the constellation by bubbling the bottleneck system. We wait a while and then move to our target system. We camp that gate while our capitals jump in and start blasting at some of the POSes there in the system.

Meanwhile, we sit at the gate trying to catch small interceptors and covops that keep jumping in. Quite annoying. We’re about to take one of the POSes into reinforced mode when our scout yells, “40 MAN GANG INBOUND, MOSTLY BSs!!” Shit! We brace for impact, and boy do they impact! Delta starts calling primary, but there are so many that i can’t tell where it is! I finally find it, lock it and send my drones after it. Something is wrong though, we can’t seem to break the tank! they have more than 4 domis all remote repping everyone. So we start dying, bad, right? And if things can’t get any worse, someone yells, “They just dropped an Avatar at the POS!” A titan, a fucking titan! on us!?! Not just that, but moments later there are more titans! This is nuts! So we try to occupy them while we get our capitals out. Which worked for the most part, i think we only lost one or two capitals, out of the 6 we had.

Oh, and i lost my myrm too, but escaped in my pod, which is still stuck in that system. Another bit of history for the Legion of Black Mesa and Capital Storm has been written. We dun got titans dropped on us.

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