rainwater, how i love thee.

I want to build this.

I’ve been looking at getting some sort of rainwater reclamation system built in our backyard. 1) because it would be fun, 2) it would help the compost out as city water has chlorine and other things harmful for compost microbes, and 3) it’ll help save water on watering plants and the garden.

right now the big issue is, WHERE DO I GET A 55 GALLON DRUM FROM?? Everything else seems pretty easy to get. and i’ve already found the spot where i want to put the drum. So now i just NEED the drum, build eveything and then get the rain-gods to pour their sweet juices to the earth.

That shouldn’t be too hard 😛

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  1. Yeah, i was thinking about hitting up TSC. But then i also thought about going to local restaurants and asking for their pickle barrels. They’re pretty big (not as big as a 55 gallon drum) but if i could get a few of them, that should be all the storage i need.

    We’ll see how it goes.

  2. The thing with the old food barrels, is that restaurants usually sell those back to the distributors or re-use them, but it can.t hurt to ask.

    Another good place to look would be at a construction site. A lot of times they have big plastic barrels just sitting around. Just clean it uber carefully!

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