rss_reader update

I made some more changes to the rss_reader plugin I’m writing. I’m foreseeing that it will be totally completed this week, and submitted to the e107 community sometime late this week, or early next week. As long as there’s not already something else out there, i’m sure that people will like it. I mean who doesn’t like aggregating content from other sites?

What the plugin does now:
-Allows users to choose an RSS feed from a dropdown list and have it display on the screen, no page refresh required!
-Admins can remove, edit, and add new feeds for users to choose from.
-Admins can add a menu (widget) which will show the latest feed (only one) from each of active feeds.

What the plugin does not do right now:
-Upgrade properly. If someone has a 1.0 version (which should be nobody), database tables aren’t created when a user would upgrade. I need to find out why this happens, and fix it. This should also eliminate any future problems.

I’ll let you all know when i’ve completed the plugin and have it uploaded to e107Plugins. It will probably be hosted on So!Soft first, which i’ll have to talk to Buzz about.

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