Zero Punctuation may be shallow

I’ve been watching Zero Punctuation for a while and I’ve always found it amusing and at times insightful. But this week, i’m not too sure. He reviewed Eve Online, a game that i’ve been playing for almost 3 years. Now, what he says is very true, there are some awefully boring things that go on. But as you watch you’ll see that he didn’t do any of the things that make the game so fun!

1) Joining a player owned corp is part of the game, staying in an NPC corp really isn’t all that exciting. You don’t have the same kind of togetherness and common goal to achieve.

2) He may have tried pvp, but with only two weeks there’s no way you’ve learned all that you need to know. Then on top of that, to solo PvP, you really need a lot of experience and skill points (could be optional). He could have had a good time PvPing in a group, if he would have tried.

3) He didn’t find his niche, he just jumped in and tried to play. That’s not going to work with Eve, you have to learn what you’re good at and then attempt to build your character around that. And by “what you’re good at” i mean personally, not your character. If you can’t handle the stress of PvP, then you shouldn’t be a PvPer. If you hate mining, then you shouldn’t be a miner, etc etc.

4) I don’t wear a shoe on my head 😛

I guess what i’m really saying is that though i love to laugh at Zero puncutation’s reviews, i’m starting to wonder if i should take them seriously at all? I mean, i kind of figured he’d always pick out the bad parts of games and then exaggerate on them. But maybe with Eve he didn’t even attempt to find what draws people to the game? And if he did that with Eve, are all his game reviews like that?

Or maybe we are all the nerds who are what nerds are to nerds like nerds are to normal people.

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