I’m legal now!

So back in February i went to a Concealed Deadly Weapons class, the first step in attaining a CCDW (Carry Concealed Deadly Weapon) license. I had just gotten my first handgun for my birthday, a Springfield XD-40. After taking the class i got a bit lazy and didn’t follow up with the process and go to the sheriff’s office until about a month and a half ago. There i had to fill out some more papers and give them 60 bucks. Finally this last monday i got the letter in the mail saying that everything was good to go and that my license was ready for pick up at the sheriff’s office. Today being my day off was a great day to do that.

So, now i can carry a weapon around, not that i will, but it’s neat knowing i could if i wanted to. >:D bwahahahahahaha

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  1. That is interesting and unexpected.

    I can’t wrap my head around guns being easily accessed in the U.S. It’s nothing like that in Canada. Also this is also not a criticism, only a comment. 🙂

  2. I suppose compared to Canada they are easily accessible. And you allowed to own them without having to take any training or certification. And really if you wanted to, you’re legally allowed to carry it, as long as it’s in plain view. It’s kinda scary, but I figure, if i have the right to do something in this country, i should at least try it.

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