San Francisco – Day Two

Today started out pretty normal. Sleep till about 8am (local time), shower, brush teeth, put clean clothes on, meet Griffin in the lounge for breakfast. From there we decided we were going to hit up Coit Tower via Chinatown, and then head to the Wharf to see the airshow. So we walked and walked and walked and walked. It was quite epic since there were monstrous hills of death awaiting us at every turn. As we walked up one of the streets and under a tunnel we appeared in what almost looked like a different country – Chinatown. Everything from the street signs to the shop names to what was sold in those shops was in Chinese. We had suddenly in the span of 5 minutes and a few hundred yards become the minority. It was pretty surreal. We ended up walking up to Coit Tower, which was almost death itself – mainly because i decided to run up part of the hill. A very bad idea i might add, since i haven’t really done any hard physical activity in, well, ages. After climbing to the top of the hill we saw that it was a 5 dollar admission fee to actually go UP the tower. Funny how it was listed on the top 10 FREE things to do in san francisco. Apparently 5 dollars == free. Anyway, we snapped some nice pictures and then headed down to the wharf. Lots of people there! LOTS! We walked for a bit, and the further we walked, the more my toe started acting up again. damn toe.. After watching the airshow for a while we headed back to the hostel. Griffin had to take care of some personal issues (which i will omit here for obvious reasons – it’s none of your business ;)). And i’ve been here for the last few hours resting my feet and watching anime – namely Last Exile and Paranoia Agent.

But now the hunger calls and i must be off to find food.

[EDIT]: Thought i’d mention we saw Religulous, the new Bill Maher film. It was both hilarious – to those who have an open mind – and thought provoking. I’d recommend it to anyone who isn’t a close-minded bigot.

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  1. Eeek, the recession has hit even attractions. :/

    I wonder if their Chinatown is larger than the one here… probably.

    Read your other post: Too bad about your other card being lost but it’s good you still have a credit card.

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