San Francisco – Day One

San Francisco – Friday

So we got in last night at about 1AM local time, which felt like 4AM to our bodies.   At first we couldn’t find each other in the airport, since we’d come in using different airlines, and those airlines used different terminals. I just have to add this in.. how is an airport not going to have a full schedule of what flights are arriving and departing? So if you don’t know what airline someone is on, you’re pretty much screwed. You’d have to go to each terminal and check the arriving/departing flights for each of them. DUMB! After we finally found each other (or i traversed endless halls and abandoned sections of airport and found her), we found a cabbie who breathed like he was asleep at the wheel. He drove us to the hostel, demanded fare and tip, and then left us as quick as he found us.

We get to the front desk and start the sign in process – this is much longer than at a regular hotel, as they issue you linens, towels, and breakfast cards – and i realize that  my bank card is missing! OH NOES! I must have forgotten it in the ATM at the airport (outside the security zone thank goodness). So that’s what my day gets to start out with.   Going BACK to the airport i came from last night to try and see if i can get my card back. Good thing the ATM was at a bank depot, so hopefully they’ll be able to get it out for me (hopefully). So really that’s all i have scheduled right now. I need to get up and take a shower and brush mah teefs and get dressed –  you know typical morning things – and get some breakfast (wewt, breakfast cards!)

It’s 4:30pm now. I went to the airport to try and get my card back, but the teller informed me, since it was after 4pm that i forgot my card, it had been automatically destroyed by the machine. OMGWTF! I returned back to the hostel saddened but not beaten, I still have my Capital One Credit Card! So i hit the lounge for comfy sitting and internet browsing. Griffin was still working on a paper for school that she needed to finish, so i called up the bank and reported my card lost. It was that or stolen, so lost is more appropriate. After that we decided to go to Japantown. Japantown is AWESOME! all sorts of neat little stores and shops! I went ahead and bought a few books and my own set of chopsticks 🙂 I think we’ll go back Monday and buy more goodies. We ate at a japanese restaurant, and drank lots of green tea. At least two pots. She had sushi and i had a bento box. We then walked around a bit more and looked at stores that sold everything from Manga to Anime figurines to tea sets to candies to whatever you can think of.

After Japantown, we headed back toward the hostel and while Griffin went into H&M to do some shopping i hit up GameStop just to check out games. Then we wandered around some more and ended up walking down streets with droves of homeless people on them. It made me quite uncomfortable. Not because they were homeless, but because i hate it when they panhandle. Constantly asking for Citrus – close to you money, money, money. Quite bothersome. So after that we headed back to the hostel for a break. Currently i’m in my room resting up my feet (since i think we walked quite a few miles up and down hills), and charging my laptop and phone up. Man i’m glad i brought my running shoes. Otherwise i think my feet would be deaded.

I’ll either have to use Griffin’s laptop to get the pictures that i snapped today off the camera, or wait till i get home to do so. Since i was a dummy and forgot both my iPod charging cable, and my camera PC cable. Oh well, i’ll remember next time.

Not really sure what’s planned next. Maybe watch some movies?

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