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Something i forgot to post on my last post was my new plugin i’m working on. Not so much at work this time, well, ok that’s a lie, but yea.. You can check out the work in progress here and here. Basically it’ll be like a friends page for all your twitter friends. This way you don’t have to log into twitter to see all the tweets they’ve been posting. Currently i’m leaving it as the last 5 tweets they’ve posted. This keeps page loads fairly quick, though the more friends you have the longer it will take to load. I’m working on pagination atm, so it’ll be broken down to maybe 10 friends per page.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear of your grandfather’s passing even though you weren’t close and he was ill for awhile. Stay strong for your dad, sounds like he needs all the support he can get. When grandparents pass it does make you think about your own parents.

    If you need anything let me know! Oh and the pictures of the house are great! Reallllly nice!

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