Break Time :)

Another weekend at the new house. I’m really starting to get used to this. I guess i’ll get started with some things that have been a while coming. I finally uploaded those pictures of the house. Everything is still in half-moved in status, so please excuse the mess 😛 Click Here For Pictures!. I’ll take pictures of the outside and garage later. They’re not really that exciting anyway.

Today was saturday. I guess technically it still is, but it’s more than halfway over already :P. I played some Eve this morning; we went to Geminate and killed people. Fun stuff. My Rail Deimos actually worked! I think our ratio ended up being 7-0. No losses is always good 😀

I found out on thursday that my grandfather passed away. To be honest, i’m not really that torn up about it. I hadn’t seen him in years, and we hadn’t really had quality time in much longer than that. He’d also been quite sick for the last year or so, so his passing wasn’t unexpected. It’s much worse for my father. He flew out today to attend the funeral on Monday. The whole ordeal made me think about what i’ll be feeling and going through when my dad does eventually pass — yes, our parents aren’t immortal and will eventually die. Really i don’t want to think about stuff like that. but in actuality i think it’s better that i do this now instead of later — or keep putting it off until it’s too late. I guess this way i’m somewhat prepared for it.

Work has been ok. Right now we’re pretty much on autopilot. Go in in the morning, do our processing and data retrieval, run any reports that are needed, and then surf the internet till it’s time to go home. It’s pretty cake right now. I’m just waiting for the motivation to hit to start on a new big project.

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