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I got up at an ungodly hour this morning.. 4am..

I’d never done any shopping on Black Friday. And i don’t think i ever will again. The consumer hordes were out in mass this morning. We (Zach, Lakira, Brian(Bryan?), Frank, and I) decided to go to Wal-Mart first, just because we knew it was open. We could barely fit in the store. It reminded me of a bee hive, but instead of bees it was consumers, all ready to spend 3 hours in line to buy 25 vacuums or 5 televisions because they were inexpensive. Lakira was going to try and buy some pants, but we decided it wasn’t worth the hassle to try and get some pants for 50% off (or whatever the discount was). We then went to Office Depot, where we got in line just as the store opened. I was able to get a ticket for a deal they had on a 22″ Acer monitor; I got it purely on impulse. I’m glad i did get the monitor, even before the 50 dollar mail in rebate it’s very affordable (180 dollars). So, i’m here typing this viewing it on a sexy new monitor. I can’t wait to play Eve on it 😀

The rest of the morning was spent going to various stores just looking at deals and amusing ourselves at how people behave on little to no sleep, and the pressure to get things NOW! It also makes me think of how we as a people get into such states. Are we just consumer cattle for the corporations? It’s totally what it seemed like today. People moving together like cattle in a corral, being fed propaganda that they need to buy things because they’re cheaper than any other time of the year. I mean, i’m not above them, hell, i bought a monitor on impulse. I’d been thinking about getting a new one, and i got the chance to get a deal. So, why not, right? On the other side though, i didn’t go and buy 15 cordless mice, and a basket full of memory cards.

I guess that’s what they call Capitalism. Anyway, I’m off to go play some video games and drool at my sexy new resolution.

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  1. Wanna know the worst part about Black Friday? WORKING RETAIL! It was probably the longest day of my life. We made 30,000 bucks in 14 hours. I know compared to Wal-Mart and big box stores that was probably an hour, but a tiny Bath and Body Works that on a REALLY good day makes 6 grand. We did that in the first two hours we were open. And people were so RUDE and PUSHY and they destroyed the store. I went home and died.

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