Warranties FTL!

Yesterday, i got up at a time when, regularly, i should still be sleeping to take my car to the dealership to get some work done on it. It was supposed to be a mix of regular maintenance and some other fixin’s. Well, I get up there around 9am (after an hour drive), talk to the guy, he says it will be a few hours to do the analysis and that he’d give me a call when he knows anything. Sean and I then go to Ryan’s place to visit and kill time. We talk about video games, music, how other people are stupid, and then decide our stomachs are rumbling and head to Denny’s for some well deserved breakfast.

After sitting there, drinking lots of coffee, and discussing what our corporation should do in Eve, we decided to go to the Mall. I hadn’t been to the mall in ages, so it was confirmation to me that the place really wasn’t that great. After going into the stores we thought might have cool stuff, we went over to Kristina’s place to hang out. We play some Mario Cart for the Wii and then decide to get some lunch. MMMM, Arby’s. As we pull into the parking lot my phone rings. It’s Mike from the BMW dealer. The news is grave. He tells me the things that are broken, and then gives me the total. Then after a small pause he informs me that none of that is covered under my extended warranty. 0_o WHA!?! I had gotten the warranty when i bought the car from a Chrysler dealer. I guess they cover things in Chrysler cars, and if your car happens to have extra things that Chrysler’s don’t, they’re not going to cover them.. BAH! So i decide to only get fixed what i absolutely need, which ran me about 450 dollars.

So my moral of the story is, warranties are like insurance, and insurance never covers anything when you need it to. BAH! i say, BAH!

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  1. I miss eating Arby’s food. I haven’t been to one in months or has it been a year?

    This could be a reason why we never get insurance or an extended warranty for anything. There are all sorts of loopholes. We had to go through lots of fix our lemon VCR/DVD combo, and our washing machine still sucks even if they tried to fix it a few times. :/

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