*grumble grumble* Mondays

Mondays are the worst. You’ve just gotten into the cycle of getting relaxing sleep when you have to break it just so you can go to work and make money so you have a nice bed to sleep in. Personally, I’m just glad coffee was discovered. Otherwise I’d be fired and homeless… my fuse is pretty short in the mornings, especially before I’ve had my wake-up juice.

Anyway, the weekend was typical. Friday started with early morning wake-up (around 10am ;)) which was followed by a trip over to my parents house so i could do laundry. We still don’t have a washer and dryer due to unexpected expenses last weekend as well as employment issues with my housemate. So, leeching off the parents will continue ๐Ÿ˜› We decided to do a fun project, Skittles Vodka. I did some shopping for groceries and skittles. We were close to cannibalism, i think. While i was out, i got some mason jars as well as some precious vodka. Sean and I then watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture and sorted out skittles. Once the skittles were sorted, we added them to the mason jars and then topped them off with vodka. The process takes about a day, so we put them up and began to wait. That night i ended up going to a friends’ place, enjoyed many delicious beverages, and partook in multiple casinos games of beer-pong.

Saturday was pretty much a day of sleeping in, reading books, and playing Eve. We also checked on our skittles booze. It was pretty neat looking. All the skittles had dissolved and the sugar syrup had separated and formed a foamy layer on top of the infused vodka. The green flavor is my favorite at the moment.

Sunday was more of the same, getting wonderful sleep, making awesome breakfast, discovering that the water kettle had self-destructed. Good Times. Good thing Sean had an extra kettle, otherwise how would we get our tea!? We watched Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (KHAAAAAAAN!!) and prepared delicious stew. Then instead of eating said stew we went to my parent’s house and ate dinner there. omnomnomnoms!

And now it’s Monday. The worst day of the week. I can’t wait till this week is over.. I have vacation all next week ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Ouch at the lack of laundry machine. At least you have access to one. My clothes had to be washed in the tub by hand when the machine broke.

    Skittles vodka sounds lovely! I’ll have to try that someday. Taste the rainbow!

  2. I did laundry but have been too lazy to remove said laundry from the dryer; instead, I walk downstairs EVERY day to get clean shirts. Today, though, my friend bought me a new shirt…saved for at least one day from a journey to the basement where serial killers and marauding hobos live!

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