Alliance Changes

I haven’t made an Eve post in a while. No worries, I’m still very loyal to CCP and their very awesome game.

My corp, Legion of Black Mesa, has — since the last time I posted — left Capital Storm and has joined up with United Freemen Alliance. Many of us have moved out to 0.0 to help with the effort to claim sov, as well as make iskies 😀  Things are going a bit slower than I had hoped. Many of our players don’t really seem to be making the move out to Geminate as quickly as I personally would like them to. On top of that, people that used to be blue to us are now red, and have been pewpewing it up in our space. This makes me uncomfortable, because i don’t like shooting at friends.

On the plus side though, we’re planning on putting a tower up soon, and hopefully we’ll be able to start doing small scale corp mining ops out there. Some of that ore is really nice.

Eve Apps

Carnes and I have been working on some webapps to help pilots with their carebearing.


Personally I like Carnes’ tool the best, the exploration tool. It can be found here. It’s IGB only, so you’ll have to check it out in game. Basically it helps keep track of what systems have been scanned, what was found in them, and if those things have been cleared or not. This should help people save probes, so they don’t scan out a system that someone else has already cleared out. The only downside to this is that the IGB is extremely slow. But i guess if you’re waiting three minutes for a scan, the IGB’s slowness isn’t that big of a deal.

Mining Shares

I wrote a quick mining share calculator, here. Basically you choose your region, update the prices for it (it’s a manual input right now — I use the average prices for each mineral for the day; from the market history tab). Once that’s done you can put in the mineral yields from each mineral type, choose how many shares you want, check if there’s going to be a corporate share added (for corp ops, or whatever), and click calculate. The results will be shown as an ISK amount and how many of each mineral. I’m still working on getting it to work in the IGB, but it’s a bit more complicated than I thought.

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