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So, as i sit here staring at lines of PHP, I take a glance to my left and what do I see? My boss falling asleep at the keyboard! Oh, maybe he had a late night last night? Maybe he’s just tired this morning? But this isn’t a new thing, it’s been daily for the last month or so.

So being a code monkey, like many of us out there, I take this as an opportunity to amuse myself.

OK. On to other things that don’t deal with the day job. Last month (or last year, har har) So!Soft release it’s first game (Retension) on Xbox Live Community Games. After going through Playtest and Review, the game was finally put up on the market place! Very exciting for us! We’re not sure what happened, but somewhere between Review and appearing on the Marketplace, something broke. Since we don’t deal with that part of the system, we can only assume that something in the XNA framework broke the game. We’ve been assured that the XNA team is working on the situation, but as it’s still the holiday season, i’m sure it’ll be a while. Once everyone is back to work (and snowstorms stop hitting the Seattle area), our issue will be fixed. Even though the game is broken, we’ve had some good reviews from actual users. And we’re not dead last in the rankings! Last time Zach checked, we were 77 out of 100. Not bad for a broken game if I say so myself.

Now it’s the new year, 2008 seems to have flown by. I guess that’s what they call “Life happening to you”. In February I’ll have been at this job for two years. I don’t think I’ve worked anywhere that long. This is also my first non-minimum wage job. It’s not bad here. I could definitely be in a place much worse.  The pay is decent, I’ve gotten to know a lot of people, I get along with pretty much everyone, and those I don’t get along with, I tolerate. So, like I said, things <i>could</i> be worse.

Wow, nothing breaks your concentration like when your music changes from Asian Kung-Fu Generation to Iron & Wine. I seriously think my brain skipped a cycle.

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