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It’s almost 8pm, and i’m still at work. It also looks like I’ll be here for a bit longer. So, i’m pulling a 12hr+ shift today. Don’t worry though, I’m only getting paid for 10. Good ol’ corporate America at work. On the plus side though, I do get to come in late tomorrow. They said noon, so that means I’m getting the good side of the deal there (unless I’m really here till 10pm, by which time I’d probably have committed suicide).

Stupid things happened last week. The network security team has a habit of randomly rebooting machines remotely; to apply patches and whatnot. What sucks is that we can’t run any of our scheduled tasks unless someone is logged in. And if the machine reboots while no one is there.. you guessed it there’s no one there to log in, and hense, none of our scheduled tasks run. So, everything was running behind last week, which ran into the weekend. I’d been off since Friday, so I didn’t know that the updates on Friday had been pushed back until Saturday, but no one pushed the Saturday tasks back. So, like i stated earlier, shit broke.

So I’m running all the scripts manually now. Which takes forever, I’ve been at it for 3 hours already, and i’m not even halfway done. If I’m not at a point where I can let it run on it’s own by 8:30 – 9:00, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I kind of want to smack Brad in the head. He’s the one that came in on Saturday to check that everything ran properly. Evidently, that didn’t happen, but he said it did. That numskull..

Now i need to find something to amuse myself with for another, erm.. hour.

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  1. :/ and on this day of all days… Your workplace seems to be doing some pretty odd stuff.

    I guess this is a downside to working at a job with a lot of responsibility. :/

    Keep on thinking how in 24 hours, this will be all over.

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