Uncertain Tempuratures

🙁 I’m sitting at my desk, everything is fine. I’m wearing my hoodie because it’s cold in the office. I start feeling this warm breeze come across my desk. Things are warming up, and it feels good. I take my hoodie off and keep working. Then the warm breeze gets cold and i start to shiver. I put my hoodie back on. Ah, nice and toasty. 10 minutes later i’m back to sweating and prepare to take my hoodie off when the cold air starts again.

This is starting to get really annoying.  I’m surprised i haven’t gotten sick from the massive tempurature changes.

In other news the weekend is over and i’m back at work. Nothing much happened over the last three days. I spent time relaxing, playing Eve, and going out to celebrate my brothers’ birthday.

Friday was grocery shopping. The fridge was filled and now there’s plenty to munch on in the house. I also made some pretty good granola bars. They’re awesome with a glass of milk, heh. It’s kind of like eating cereal in a bar 😛 We also went to Barnes & Noble, and i got a book on RegEx (Regular Expressions). So far it’s been very helpful in my quest to learn the way of the code ninja.

Saturday evening we went to Buca Di Beppo’s for Nick’s birthday and man it was delicious! It’s an Italian family-style restaurant, where a small portion is enough to feed two people. There were about 10 of us and we all ordered something different. After all the food was out, we were barely able to try a little of everything! So much food!! All i have to say is that i didn’t have to make anything the next day for lunch. Plenty of leftovers 😀

Sunday was hanging out at the house and then going to my parents’ place to do some laundry and eat dinner. I picked up some mail that was still going there and played with the dogs. Man, it’s like i’ve been off on an expedition to the far side of the world when i come over. One more sign that dogs are loyal. Such excitement can rarely be encountered elsewhere.

Well, one more hour to kill at work. Time for more Professional Development 😀

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  1. Nice post – 🙂

    P.S. – I need web design help! Please let me know when we can chat on IM! (I miss the old days when I didn’t have to request appointments with people just to be on IM. ..lol)

  2. I get that EVERYDAY when I come home, yes, it is nice to be greated in such a manner. Unless of course you have kahki slacks on and they have spent the last hour before you got home trying to dig their way to China, then it is not so fun.

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