work, life, and windows 7

Things have been going pretty good i suppose. Things at work are starting to ease up (except for these damned scans that run on my computer… so annoying (started at 10:42)), we’re making progress on our new solutions. I’m getting better at making connections to multiple databases, even across the interwebs. The data processing we do has been going smoothly too. Amazing how thing start working once you fix them.. after you find out they’re broken.

Michelle got a new contract, and is shipping at the end of the month (she’s joining the Navy). I’m pretty excited for her, even though it seems that she’s not as excited as I am.. makes things a bit weird. I don’t see how it’s not exciting, especially for her. It must really be really tough not even being 21 yet and already having the financial burdens of someone who’s finished a master’s degree. She’ll also be well on her way to being who she wants to be. I think right now being here in Radcliff has stagnated any progress she wants to be making with her life. I just find it awesome that she’ll be going out doing things she’s never done before..

So, i’m installing the windows 7 release candidate. It’s been installing for about 20 minutes now, and looks like it’s getting close to being done. Things are going quite smoothly, even though it’s on a macbook pro (i’d imagine i’d run into problems since i have to use bootcamp), but so far so good. If Windows 7 is everything i hope it is i might actually buy a copy! If it’s not, and it’s still better than Vista, I’ll have to stick to the tried and true way of “acquire from the intarwebs”.

You know that scan i mentioned? Yeah.. still running, still making my computer run like shit

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