Windows 7 – Day One

I installed Windows 7 on my macbook pro this morning. Why, you ask? Well, i had XP dual booted on it before, but wasn’t really using it for anything other than running my other account in Eve and for some programming work. It seemed it was the perfect test bed for Windows 7. The install went smoothly and it did everything it could with my mac, but i forgot my OSX dvd at home, so little things like bootcamp are still missing. This means that i don’t have sound, and i don’t think my wifi works. No worries though, because i plugged up my phone and it was able to use it’s internet connection right away!

I downloaded and installed some updates and then got right into installing Visual Studio C# Express and XNA Game Studio 3.0. Over my phone, it’s taking forever! C# finally installed and i’m about 50% on the XNA download (it’s only 62MB, but it’s been going for about an hour 🙁 )

So far here is what i like:

  1. Aero. So sexy, and it runs like a dream.
  2. The new desktop personalization features (having your desktop wallpaper change every x minutes; changing the base color of all your windows, taskbar, etc
  3. The new window changer, alt+tabbing between all your windows and getting a preview
  4. Being able to choose what icons are shown and which ones are hidden in your system tray.
  5. The snipping tool
  6. the new paint, it’s about fraking time!

That’s really all i have right now. Once i get home and i’m able to get some fat pipe connected to this thing, i’ll install steam, eve, and whatever else i’m missing (IM program maybe?). We’ll see how those run. All that after I install bootcamp and get everything working.

For anyone that has a fairly new (meaning in the last 3 or 4 years) computer that’s just sitting around collecting dust, but you’re not ready to try it on one of your main machines, I’d highly recommend this. I know this will probably be my main OS on my laptop. The only thing they need now it for Windows to be able to read other file systems (like ext3, hint hint!).

you can get the RC here.

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