Windows 7 – Day Two

Day Two is coming to a close, and Windows 7 is still doing quite well. Now, i haven’t put it under any heavy load yet, as I’ve been at work. But I was able to install the bootcamp files needed to get sound, the trackpad, as well as some other things fixed. The only downside was that I had to reinstall the windows 7 drivers i’d installed previously. But that’s not really something i’m ready to complain over, especially since if you’re going to dual boot a mac you should be ready for little hicups like that.

After that I installed Eve, Steam, and Pidgin; you know, the essentials. I haven’t installed any of my steam games, but Eve runs quite well. Pidgin works, I really didn’t expect that to break. I was able to get all my Danbo wallpapers from my desktop transferred over and they are now in slideshow mode for my wallpaper. Very sexy 😛

So far, so good. I’m really liking Windows 7. If things keep up like this I might break the cycle and buy a legit copy of Windows again. The last time i bought a copy of Windows it was XP, just after Vista came out.

We shall see 😀

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