New Case!@

So my new case came in! It’s huge! After I came home from work i pretty much went straight into the transfer. I took out all my old components from the old case, marked all the drives and cables in the order they came out (so i don’t mess up my RAID setup), and put it into the new case. All-in-all it took me about 2 hours.

So far i’m very happy with it! There are a few things i need to fix, like getting the front peripherals hooked up properly (USB, Headphones, etc) and getting a few extra fans for the extra fan spots. But other than that it’s perfect! It’s much quieter than my old case. This is mainly due to the fact that it runs much cooler than my old case and the graphics card doesn’t have to spin up as much.

It’s very nice, very black, and very sexy 🙂

I’ve uploaded a few pics to my flickr, go check them out!

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  1. The internet has eluded me for several weeks, but I have used all my wily skills at free internet stealing to find it again!

    Coming to the wedding next month? We have rooms in Lexington you boys can stay in, or you can camp out on my parent.s farm…and hang with the animals. Maybe we.ll all ride horses into the sunset together…


  2. yeah, for sure! my only condition is that my horse is white with a mane made of woven silver.

    you said the 18th, right? I’m sure i can take a few days off work and wander on over 🙂

    *Edit* Just realized the 18th was a saturday, i looked at the wrong month on the calendar. But yes, i’ll make sure i have some nice clothes on and be there. I’ll call/text/email for exact directions closer to the actual day.

    ..Jessie getting married… why do they have to grow up?! WHY!?

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