Yes, yes, i’m still alive

I’ve realized that i haven’t made a post in quite some time, partly due to my own apathy. I feel that i haven’t really had anything to talk about in the last few weeks. It’s all been SSDD, seriously. I wake up in the morning, I go to work, I come home, and then i might watch some TV or read a book and then I’ll go to sleep. In reality i might do a little bit more than that, but that’s what it feels like.

Work has been pretty stressful these last few weeks. Not so much the workload, more so the constant inability to achieve consistency.  I like being able to have my boss give me a task to complete, which i then complete and return the results. What i don’t like  is being told to do something, spend a week or so on this task, just to have it thrown away because certain people don’t like the results (not because they are wrong, but because they didn’t show the high numbers they were unrealistically expecting).  So basically i’ve been throwing my work down the drain no matter what i do.

whatever though. I’ll just do what they tell me to, collect my paycheck, and not take any initiative on anything since it never pays off anyway.

Last week i was pretty sick, I guess I’d caught the flu sometime the week before and it then went active the night after Halloween, I guess the constant temperature change from going in and out of bars was enough to lower my immune system so it was susceptible to attack. I spent the next week in bed pretty much. Sunday through Tuesday were pretty much a blur of half-consciousness, headache, and sleep. I stayed home on wednesday too just to make sure i didn’t get sick again. Thursday i went to work and wished i’d stayed home. And then there was the weekend again. I took it easy this weekend and stayed home. Friday and Saturday were just filled with chilling on the couch and watching TV shows and Anime. I ended up reading an entire book this weekend too. The Age of Ra by James Lovegrove wasn’t too bad. If you’re into that kind of story. It was a little hard to wrap my head around a world where the ancient Egyptian gods were real and the whole world was ruled by them. Other than that though it was a good read and worth the 7 dollars or whatever i spent on it.

On sunday i went to the range with my dad to shoot stuff down range. It was lots of fun, even though i’m still not a fan of his rifle 😛 Kicks like a mule! Instead of going to Knob Creek like usual we went on Post and used French Range. It was a lot nicer than where we’d shot before and fewer rednecks too!  We also shot my dad’s new ERMA, i think it’s a KGP-69. It needs some cleaning, and probably some parts replaced, but it was neat to shoot something different.

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  1. Poor you. I’m glad you recovered fairly quickly. Temperature changes like that do me in. I’m surprised I haven’t caught the flu yet.

    The Egypt book sounds interesting. I’m always been fascinated by their mythology.

  2. Hey Dan,

    The pistol is an Erma LR-22 and yes, it did need some cleaning. A little cleaning, lube, and TLC and it will be firing like a champ.

    Yea, the M1903 does kick like a mule, but you have to remember, in 1903 there were REAL MEN in the Army. LOL

    The M1 Garand came today. Thanks (Humming Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me). Can’t wait to go to French range and send a little steel down range with that baby. Nice thing about the M1 is the rear sight is fully adjustable. Which means I can zero it at 100 yards.

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