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Over the last few weeks things have been changing for me. I started working with a consulting company, TEK Systems, which will help me find a new/better/more fulfilling job. I had a meeting with my representative and talked about what I was looking for and what my current work environment is like. I have the feeling that I ranted a bit. I then updated my resume (both physical copy and the ones online, including on this site) and she found some possible employment opportunities for me, which I reviewed and gave her the go ahead to submit my resume. I also applied for a bunch of jobs online on Dice and Monster.

Last week I got an email from iPay Technologies. They wanted to do a phone screening for their interviewing process. I accepted. I had my phone screening on Thursday, and Friday morning there was another email in my inbox stating they wanted to call me in for an interview. Zach went through the same thing. And now we both have interviews with them. Good thing they have two job positions open :P, maybe we’ll be the ones filling them. The only thing i’m concerned about right now is the compensation. They never said how much or what range the pay would be. I’m hoping they’re not going to try to hire me for what I’m being paid now.

Depending on how the interview goes, I may or may not be giving my boss a two weeks notice here in the future.

In other news, my dad got his M1 Garand. It’s beautiful! I could only imagine lugging that thing around through a combat environment though. It’s quite heavy. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to go shoot it! I kinda want one now. ^_^

Over the weekend I played lots of Left 4 Dead 2. I’ve finished all the campaigns on normal, and am now working on some of the achievements. The game really takes the feeling you get from when you first played Left 4 Dead and refines it. The chills, the excitement, the freak outs. They’re all there! There were a few times where I actually yelled/screamed like a little girl! The new zombies really do add a whole new dynamic to the game, by not letting you take advantage of the tricks that you could in L4D. The new melee weapons are also awesome, there’s nothing like beating a zombie over the head with a guitar or frying pan. And Realism mode.. oh so awesome.

I also finished reading Helix by Eric Brown. It was a good read. It really sucked me in, which is probably why i finished it in two days (or so). The characters were really believable, and the environments were well detailed. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s into science fiction and likes a story about a mission gone bad, crash landing on a strange alien structure filled with thousands of different alien races.

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  1. Break a leg on the job hunt and getting advantages. It’d be awesome if you both got to work for the same company.

    The rifle looks like something hunters from Supernatural would use.

    Hey, hitting zombies with frying pans is part of the fun. I should get into playing games… only computer ones since I don’t have any other consoles.

  2. Good luck on the job Dan! I’ll cross my fingers for you!

    As for L4D2 (sounds like a droid name from Star Wars), awesome game! I haven’t screamed like a little girl…yet, but it is an improvement over the first one.

    On the topic of zombies, my buddy’s wife is sick and, I guess, hopped up on cold medication because he was rudely awakened in the middle of the night to her screams of “Zombies! Zombies! There are zombies in the condo Aaron!”

    Needless to say she will be teased about that one for awhile. 😉

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