The Wonderful World of Minecraft

I’ve been playing quite a lot of Minecraft lately, I even have my own server up and running. You’re welcome to join in on the fun! Just connect to Our world isn’t very big right now, we’ve been mainly working on crafting stuff and playing with all the stuff you can make… and well, being on the quest to find lots of iron and diamond 😛 But i do think we’ve made some pretty neat structures.

I love the sunrises 🙂

Carnes has built a rock making machine, as well as a pretty sweet wheat garden, all on top of an elevated fortress surrounded by lava moats.

Our first tree fort

I’ve been mainly running around exploring the world and caverns. Those caverns can get dark, expansive, and SCARY!

Another project we’ve been working on is getting a rail system going, because walking across the world can take a long time!

I started this post quite a while ago, and since then have taken quite a big break from the game. But recently I’ve gotten back into it, and even have  a few friends on the server regularly. There are also some mods installed on the server which allow us to specify certain areas as safe from monster spawns, set up our own shops to sell things, and even have a dynamically updated map that shows the live goings on of the server!

kinda had an accident with some flint and steel 😛

Carnes’ current project is to construct a quest for us to run at one point. He’s off somewhere on the map sculpting land and building stuff so we can all go and run the quest together! I can’t wait!

My house! 😀

If you want to check out what our world looks like, click here. This may not be the most up-to-date render, but it does have the most detail. If you’d like to check out our realtime map, check it out here!

Server Details:
For game connection —
For high quality map render —
For live dynamic map render —

I loath creepers

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