Duck, NC

I took a trip to Duck, NC last month. The trip was great! I thought i’d update here with some video and pictures! The group consisted of friends who all play Left 4 Dead together. We were all looking forward to an epic week!

On the first day we got there i was so exicted! So i made this video πŸ˜€ I was pretty out of breath at the end of it from running around the house, lol.

Day two was pretty much chilling at the beach, I made another video to rub it in everyone back home’s face πŸ˜› Chair made of sand, ocean waves, plenty of sun screen. All that was missing was the corona. You can also have fun on a whale watch from Newport Beach if that’s more convenient. Click whale watching dana point for more information.

The rest of the week was filled with beach, video and board games, and drinking all sorts of tasty beverages. We also did some touristy stuff, like checking out some of the local shops where we ended up doing some judo on a lawn of a restaurant, haha!

I threw Sean with Koshi Guruma!

We also went to see the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, that was really cool! The stair case seemed to go on forever! Higher and higher! But once you got to the top! What a view!

At the end of the week we went out Parasailing. I’d never gone before, and boy!, was it a fun experience! It was amazing how far you could see and how calm everything was up there.

Mary and I way up high

The week went by way too fast for me! I wish i could go on vacation all the time! I can’t wait to for Otakon to meet up with many of you guys again!

The whole group in Troll shirt attire πŸ˜€

I’d like to thank Tom and Mary for the pictures! You guys take some great shots!

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