New Camera and weekend exploits!

Ever since the trip to North Carolina I’ve been wanting to get a new camera, a DSLR to be precise. I’ve been looking at different cameras for the last week or so, trying to decide between a Canon T2i, a Nikon D90, and a Nikon D7000. Well, earlier this week i finally settled and got the D7000. And thanks to my friend Angela, who hooked me up with a Amazon Prime trial I was able to get 1-day shipping for 4 bucks! Order the camera, get it within the next two days, that was the plan anyway. The first day I get home from work and see a note on my door. The package required a signature on delivery, so they couldn’t just leave the camera on my door step. I guess that’s smart of Amazon to do, require the signature on expensive items. I’d never had that happen before, even on things i’d bought from Amazon. I decided that the second day i’d take a half-day from work so i could catch the delivery truck and get my precious new toy. No such luck. I get there 15 minutes too late and get another note stuck on my door. So, what i did was change the package to be held at the UPS Customer Center, so i could pick it up that day. I didn’t want to wait another day. I NEEDED MY PRECIOUS!

Saturday, after staying out a little late the night before after picking up my camera and going to judo, a few friends and I decided to go out for drinks and eat sushi for dinner, aka an awesome chance to try out my new camera 😀

Osaka Sushi Restaurant
Osaka is delicous, it’s actually one of my favorite places to get sushi at. But before we get to that we take a little detour. On the way up to Osaka, we get a phone call from Daphne, saying she has to work late. FOR AN ENTIRE HOUR!


Sarah and I take this opportunity to get some delicious iced beverages at the Zen Tea House while we waited.
Abandoned house
After we ate at Osaka, we decided to take a little walk to help our food digest and to use up some time before heading out to Sergio’s World Beers. On the way, we saw this old house in very sad shape.
After our walk we headed down to the bar where we partook in some delicious beverages. it was hot so a Radler was totally in order 😀
Sarah found this adorable beer hidden in one of the fridges. It was quite good actually.
Mary decided to take a shot and try one of the Fruit Ale’s on draft, it was a Strawberry Ale. Oh man, that was good! Very sweet! We stayed for a while chit chatting about this and that and eventually went home, I took a nap on the drive back :3

Sunday. Mary and I decided to meet up at Berheim Forest to practice with our cameras (Mary has a D90). We walked around taking pictures of all sorts of things.
These geese were protecting their goslings from other geese trying to steal the food people were throwing at them. Geese can be VICIOUS!


Typical, insect doing something with a plant picture. Also, <insert camera talk about blurriness and focus point here>.
Mary. I don’t care what she says, I like this picture 🙂 After Bernheim we went and ate at Saigon Cafe, which was delicious! I’m really glad i got introduced to Vietnamese food, it’s so good! Then it was off to Heine Bros for some coffee before the trip home.

Once i got to my parents that evening I played with my camera some more, mainly taking pictures of the dogs.
Nero begging for food. Can’t you tell? He hasn’t eaten in minutes!

Papa just wanting attention. Who can resist those eyes?

One thing i’ve noticed is that Nero and Papa are very photo conscious. They’re quite good at looking at the camera and being adorable.
Homer on the other hand, couldn’t give two licks about cameras being pointed at him. He’s too busy making sure there aren’t things that need to be sniffed or chased in the yard.

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  1. Congrats on the new camera.

    Owl beer is charming and love the geese! Canada geese are vicious. I was feeding them and one kept attacking the other geese and ducks to get at the food.

    Mmm… sushi. I haven’t had that in a while.

    The old house: sad indeed. You can tell is/was a beautiful home with lovely architecture. Too bad it’s gone to ruin.

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