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Buckets of Popcorn

It was a lazy day, it was amazing grace, it was a half-a-dozen claymores daisy-chained.

Sometimes Aesop Rock lyrics are like audio cocaine. Not really sure why, but when i hear that line my brain melts a little. I don’t think that me being at work bored out of my mind helps much. Today is Thursday (my Friday) and i really don’t feel like doing anything. I’ve run my reports, i’m updating what i need to, everything else is running fine, and Zach’s working on our interface atm. I’ll probably start working on the Gatekeepers site in a bit, currently there’s not much to look at, it’s all back-end stuff. I’ve just hit that motivational blackhole, where it takes extreme amounts of willpower to do anything but surf the intarwebs.

I can’t believe they’re bailing out the big 3.. i wonder how this will impact our pocket books. I’m still adjusting to living on my own, having to pay bills and all that fun stuff.

Well, break time.