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So, some stuff happened at work, half of which i can’t really remember anymore (even though it was 10 minutes ago). It had something to do with job titles, pay, and me starting to look for a new job.

Contract living just sucks, i’ll tell you that. Once the company bids on a contract and they get their allotted money, they’re stuck. No room for raises, no room for job title changes, nothing. So i’m stuck as a programmer making about 10-15 thousand dollars less a year than the county (not country) average. Well, that blows 🙁

On to fun things. I’ve gotten BlogDesk installed and it seems to be working. It’s a client for wordpress that lets me post to my blog without having to log into the website. It handles all sorts of things, like uploading files and images, and um.. other things i haven’t messed with 😛

kk, that’s it for now, i’ll try to make more detailed posts later, i’m kinda ninja posting at work.

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