Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was pretty bland i guess. I mean some things happened which i’m not going to talk about on the internet, but over all not much happened. I spent a lot of time just watching Doctor Who (I’ve been catching up so I’ve been watching all the episodes from Season 1 -> Season 3). I’m almost done! Too bad Billie Piper isn’t on any more, i think she made a better companion than the new Martha.

Anyway, back on track. Saturday i helped with the lawn work and made sure the compost heap was turned. It’s really starting to produce some nice topsoil. If you have your own garden, i’d suggest a compost pile as well, it really helps with keeping your soil filled with nutrients. On Sunday I went and helped my buddy Ryan move into his new apartment in Louisville. the place is pretty nice! Tall ceilings, nice backyard, all hardwood floors. The place is from the turn of the last century (or somewhere around there). It’s in the historical district of Old Louisville. I’ll probably be going back again today, just to hang out a bit and help him finish up the moving.

Well, time to get back to work 😛

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