So!Soft is alive!

So, you’re looking at the blog of the co-founder and part owner of SoNotSoft LLC. The big day started today as Zach got us registered early this morning. Since then we’ve been doing all sorts of things. Everything from planning what steps we need to take next (like get all our financial and legal things squared away) to what projects we’re going to undertake next (after the games we have planned) to how our website is going to look.

So far i’ve just been working on getting the website set up and running. I’m in the process of installing a wordpress blog for our dev blog, and comtemplating on using e107 for the news, forums, downloads section. I’ve also been thinking about building the whole sha-bang from scratch, but that’s pretty time consuming and i’m sure we’d rather have a prefab site up now, than a custom one three months from now. We can always customize as we go.

So, first thing for me, once everything is installed, is to get the rss_reader on there and ready for download 🙂 Then from there i’ll start working on other stuff.

That’s all i got for now.

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