Yay for long weekends!

So my weekend started normal with Friday off. And like normal, i really didn’t do much besides mow the lawn and take my brother to work. I did play some Eve and tried to make some isk for my upcoming carrier. Results were.. well.. mixed. I did make a nice chunk of change, but that went right down the toilet as i bought the Logistics skill and an Oneiros. Then on top of that i sent some more isk over to Deszra, who is building my carrier. So, that put me under 150 million isk. Which, for me, is very low.

On Saturday I slept in and after waking up started reading a book i’d been meaning to start a long time ago, Ringworld’s Children. I read a few chapters and then was drawn back to my computer to play more Eve. I log in to discover that there are red gangs all over Wicked Creek, instead of risking my ship and implants i jump back to Empire space to help with our newly started war effort against Goodfellas (which as of this writing isn’t going too well, efficiency-wise). So i decided to go and make isk the old fashioned way, by running missions and hitting up complexes. Then company came over, and i had to go prep the grill. We cooked and man was it delicious! I grill some whiting fillets and my dad grilled up a pork tenderloin and some brats. Mom made potato salad and tiramisu. Nick made his famous bruchetta, and Andrew kinda chilled out 😛

mmmm, just thinking about it is making me hungry again.

So, today is monday, the last day of this glorious 4 day weekend. I hopped on eve for about an hour this morning, and then spent the rest of the time browsing the internet looking for neat things to do, or inspriation for what new features i could add to any of the websites i work on.

And here’s to me chillin’ for the rest of the day. Ah relaxation, how i love it 😀

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  1. Heh… i was just browsing what google and the words eve online and deszra would bring up 🙂 LOL and i really need to build that Thanny up. should be my priority call. its been long in coming …


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