So, today I signed the lease, gave the realator a metric ass ton of global regulatory money, did a quick walk-through, and got as much stuff turned on as possible at my new house. Very exciting! Starting next week after i get back from San Francisco i’ll start moving in. Probably with small stuff at first and leaving the big stuff until later. Sean seemed to convey he’d move himself, but i’ll still go and offer assistance. Hauling some of that stuff down 4 flights of stairs can be a pain!

So, the plan for tomorrow is finish up packing for my trip, run to the electric company and start an account, do the same for water, and see about getting cable and internet hooked up. I really don’t think we’ll need a home phone number, mainly because everyone has a cell phone. Plus it’s one less bill I’ll have to be responsible for πŸ™‚Β  Also tomorrow i’m going to try and get online bill pay set up with my bank, so that should be cool. More automation! Less things for me to try and remember!

10 minutes left here at work πŸ˜€ I need to find something to occupy that time.. Maybe laughing at the fact that an ex-girlfriend of mine just gave birth to a baby that doesn’t have the same hair color as her or her husband. I mean, i know a lot of babies start out with one color hair and then go to another. But still.. I find it humorous. Especially since it’s red hair. (No worries, there’s no way it’s mine. And i mean NO WAY!)

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  1. Do post pictures when you’ve moved in. Aha, a lot of people are doing that with phone lines in that they only use cell phones and don’t need them.

    The child’s parents must have recessive genes for red hair. Genetics are complex things. That’s interesting with the hair colours changing when the child gets older. I’m sure I had darker hair when I was younger.

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