First Weekend

Just finished my first whole weekend at the new place. It’s starting to really feel like home the more i use things and put things in their proper place (like clothes in my dresser instead of in the hamper).

Friday night was Halloween. Zach made me a zombie, his makeup job was awesome! I’ve posted pictures across pretty much every networking site i’m part of, as well as flickr. That night Sean also moved some more of his stuff into the house before I left for the Halloween Party i’d been invited to where we got a lot of beers from Oddbins. Good times had by all i must say. I came home, went to sleep and woke up bright and early the next day for our first So Not Soft meeting.

[Edit]: So Not Soft has also opened it’s bank account. Meaning we don’t have to tie any costs to our personal monies!! YES! [/EDIt]

At our meeting we covered a lot of things dealing with our new game (which i’m not going to go into detail here). Next thing i’m going to have to do is get XNA 3.0 installed on my machine. I kinda forgot on saturday (sorry, zach :P). I’ll see what sean and i can get going this week.

Now i’m back at work, bored like usual. Sucks when you automate pretty much everything.

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