Ice, Snow, and No Heat

The weather has been a bit on the cold side the last few days.  On tuesday we had a two hour delay due to the sleet and flurries. I even got let out early from work because the roads were getting so bad.  After I got home it was more of the usual, watch TV and play video games. I did however go to bed a bit early. I blame the stew Sean made. It attracted the ‘Z’ monster and it got the jump on me. I didn’t sleep too long though, because around midnight I was woken up by Sean telling me that there’s no power. Apparantly the power had been out for a while at that point already. At first I was going to try to sleep it out. But I just couldn’t fall back asleep. I got up and helped Sean set up candles throughout the house to give us some light. We decide to go to Wal-Mart to get more candles before everyone else gets the bright idea.

We arrive at Wal-Mart, and by now it’s just raining, even though it’s 20 degrees or something. We go inside and the place is practically deserted. We see a few people doing some midnight shopping, while we see others scurrying about with carts filled with the craziest combinations you could imagine. We pretty much make a b-line for the camping section. But we’re too late! All the propane is gone! So we head to the candle isle and pick up some of the big three-wick candles. After we purchase our candles we decide we’re hungry and don’t feel like going back to a power-less house. So we head to J-Boy, since their lights are on.

The food there was good, and the place was warm. Sean and I talked about strategies about getting more people from our Eve Online corp into 0.0 (Zero-Zero). Every once in a while a new group of people would come in looking for a warm place to eat. After we ate, we stayed and talked and watched people for a while longer. After about our second or third refill on sweet tea we paid and headed back to the house.

On the way there we encountered multiple downed trees and power lines in the road. The trip back took us far longer than usual. It seemed that only the city center had power, all the outlying areas were dark.  Driving over downed power lines is scary stuff.  You never know what’s going to happen. I probably should have taken pictures of all that. I bet they would have come out great.

The house was still surprisingly warm. I guess anything would be warm compared to the outside temperatures.  I curled up in my bed, lit a few candles and read a book I’d been reading for a good while; Guns of the South by Harry Turtledove. I finished a few pages and then went to sleep. I woke up a few times during the night only to find that the power was still out and that it was colder outside my blankets, so i curled up tighter and went back to sleep. The next morning the house was still without power, but still warmer than what i was expecting. That didn’t last too long though. The longer I was up and moving around the colder the house seemed to get. I texted Zach and called my Dad to see if they had power. Zach didn’t, but my parents had just gotten it back. Zach let me know that for those people with Nolin Utilities it could take up to a week to get power fully restored. I HAVE NOLIN!! oh noes. I started packing a few days worth of clothes and packed up my laptop. Sean did the same and we headed over to my parents place. Sean stopped by his girlfriend’s mom’s house to make sure she was ok  and then met up at my parents place.

Dinner was absolutely amazing. Hot goulash on a cold day really hits the spot. We hung out and watched the weather channel and the news to see what the rest of the area was like and what we could expect over the next few days. More cold, more snow, and more ice, that’s what.  I took the opportunity to take advantage of the hill in our backyard to do some sledding. I haven’t been sledding in ages! It was actually pretty fun! If only the hill was taller 😛 We all went to bed around midnight, Sean had headed back to Radcliff to check on the house.  I watched a few episodes of Dexter and then fell asleep.

Today, I plan on checking on the house and Sean, to make sure he didn’t freeze last night. And then.. i’m not sure. I guess hang out for a bit longer?

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  1. We lost our power around four in the morning on Tuesday. I woke up because it was so cold. I stayed in the apartment all day, under the blankets reading by candlelight (I kept the curtains closed to keep the heat inside). By four that evening it had dropped to 52 degrees inside the house, and it was getting colder. We loaded up the frogs and went to Dan.s parents. place. And, oh holy hell, trees and power lines and cars all over the road! The city shut down! We got power on Thursday night, and it was the greatest joy in my life. The only problem is, something rotted in our fridge, and our house smells like zombie farts!

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