Power is back!

I have power again! And heat and internet and hot water! It all came back on early Sunday morning while I was still over at my parent’s place. I’m glad that I had somewhere to go. Today being Monday, I’m back at work and I get to hear all the stories of everyone who still doesn’t have power, and how they’ve had to survive by building fires in their backyards to boil and heat water, or go and buy a generator to give them simple power back. Then there are really lucky people who never lost power at all! What’s really weird is how the power outages were so splotchy. One street would have power and the next wouldn’t, or one street would have power back after only being out for a few hours, and the next street still doesn’t have power after a week. Check out services from Sacramento tankless water heaters related to this issue.

While at the parents house I did some perusing of the internet music archives. I found some new and exciting things, as well as some old bands that I’d long forgotten about. I also discovered that I’d let my ratio get way low, almost under 50%!! So I need to do some serious seeding! Hopefully I’ll be able to get back up to 60-70% pretty quick. I hope.

Well, time to get back to catching up on all the processing we missed last week.

Oh god.. Brad’s sleeping again.

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