an update and more windows 7!

I suppose I’ll cut straight to the chase. I’m le single again. Michelle left for MEPS yesterday, and i’m sure she’s well on her way to training by now. I wish her all the best of luck! Sunday night was pretty tough. We had said our goodbyes and sat in the driveway for quite a while just talking. I’m going to miss her.

I’ve put Windows 7 on yet another machine! Now it’s running on my Macbook Pro, one of my desktops, and my Eee PC 900! The Eee PC does pretty well even though it’s only got a 900Mhz processor. I’ve been thinking about putting it on my living room computer as well to see how it works as a Media Center. But I think I’ll hold off on that for a bit longer. I’ll want to wait to see what the prices for Windows 7 are actually going to be. If they’re too expensive I’ll have to down grade all my machines to XP (or find a hacked version of Windows 7). Seriously, no OS is worth more than 200 dollars. If I can get OS X for less than 200, and Linux for free, why should i pay more for an OS that comes from a certain company which has consistently produced dismal software? Seriously..

If you want to try Windows 7 on your netbook, you can check out the tutorial i followed: here.
I also read this one while I was in the middle of installing, it looks like it’s geared more towards the Eee PC 900: here. (I’ll say though, that his statement about needing a 4GB USB stick is inaccurate, i used a 120GB Seagate External USB HDD with the first tutorial and it worked fine).

It’s almost 4pm and Brad’s falling asleep at the computer again.. wtf.

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  1. Yay! Glad your tutorial worked. The one I found online also worked fine too (I think it was from Seattle times or something). Also, sorry things sometimes tend to be short-term sucky. Long term good, though!

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